1. Who Are We?
KFCH International College is previously known as Paramount International College. It was established in 2001 as Private Institution of Higher Learning in Malaysia with approval from Ministry of Higher Education and in February 2010 KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd bought over the college. At present KFCH International College is developing its Johor Bahru Campus on 11 acre land.


2.How to contact us?
KFCH International College
Johor Bahru Campus:
No.1, Jalan Dato' Onn 1,
Bandar Dato' Onn,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.
Tel : +607-360 1800 Fax : +607-360 1900
Email: info@kfch.edu.my


3.How do we get to KFCH International College?
View our Location Map here.


4.What are the programmes offered at KFCH International College?
Programmes offered at Johor Bahru Campus and Puchong Prima Campus are as follows:
Johor Bahru Campus:
› Diploma in Restaurant Management (PA 0590)
› Diploma in Culinary Arts (PA 0592)
› Diploma in Tourism Management (PA 0591)
› Diploma in Event Management (PA 0593)


5.Will new programmes be introduced?
Yes, new programmes will be introduced, as we will be tapping on KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd network to further enhance our current portfolio.
We plan to offer the following programmes in Johor Bahru Campus by 2013:
› Diploma in Business Administration
› Diploma in Food Science & Technology
(*Kindly take note that the above stated programmes will be offered upon receiving approval from “MQA” Malaysian Qualification Agency)


6.What do you mean by the focus on employability?
Our curriculum are designed in view of the markets requirements and expectations as such we will make sure that we train and prepare our students with all the applicable technical skills and soft skills required by the industries. Thus, ensuring that our students are highly employable and sought after upon graduation.
Our priority is to ensure that we meet the demands of the evolving employment of the KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd and its group by developing our courses and programmes, as this will expose our students and lecturers to best practices, corporate governance as well as relevant industry specific information and updates.


7.What are the teaching and learning facilities available at KFCH International College?
Our Teaching and Learning facilities consists of Computer Labs, Pastry Lab, Kitchen Lab, Language Lab, Classrooms, Front Desk Training facility, Hotel Mock up, F&B training facility, Sensory Lab, Auditorium, Studio Kitchen, Cafeteria, Early Childhood Education Labs, and Recreational Room.


8.Have the programmes offered at KFCH International College received approval from the authorities?
Yes, all the programmes are approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), an entity under the Ministry of Higher Education to ensure quality assurance of higher education.


9.Are scholarships or financial assistance available for students?
We set no limit to the number of scholarships we give away every year because we believe there is no limit to human capital. KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd has allocated RM 1 million worth of scholarships every year for deserving employees of the KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd and its group of companies. Study loans are also available to students through various sources such as banks, cooperative societies, EPF, SOCSO, PTPTN, MARA, and etc.


10.Do we provide Hostel Accommodation?
Yes, at KFCH International College we provide hostel accommodation at no cost. Students are required to pay only hostel maintenance charges.


11.What are the career prospects upon graduating from KFCH International College?
Our programmes are specifically designed to prepare our students for the employment market and we focus on career-based learning and training in competencies. One of the unique features of the KFCH International College programmes is the exposure to industrial placement in reputable hotels and restaurants where practical skills are enhanced in real-life situations. Upon graduation you will be given the opportunity to work with KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd and its associate companies. This will provide you an ideal platform to commence your career and ultimately develop yourself as a professional in your chosen field. Our students will have distinct qualities that will put them apart from their peers.

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